About The Cause

Pediatric Treatment Rooms – ($150,000)

Many of Peace Arch Hospital’s pediatric patients require in-depth monitoring and minor procedures in ER treatment rooms. These rooms are often where a child’s most difficult and painful experiences occur such as lumbar punctures, IV insertions and blood draws The demand for dedicated space for emergency pediatric treatment is severe.  The hopsital is currently treating nearly 7,000 pediatric patients on an annual basis with just one Pediatric Treatment Room, which is inappropriately situated right beside the Mental Health Treatment Room.

With the knowledge that the demand for child emergency services will only continue to grow as more and more young families move into our service area, the ER expansion plan calls for the creation of an expanded Pediatric Treatment Services Area. This will include six Pediatric Treatment Rooms to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for adequate emergency pediatric care.

All of the Pediatric Treatment Rooms contain specialty equipment for doctors to provide the best treatment possible, in a welcoming environment that decreases anxiety, alleviates stress, and soothes and calms young patients while they are under the ER’s care.

In addition to the numerous other benefits available to donors at the $150,000 level, a plaque will be placed in a prominent Iocation of the expanded ER that will acknowledge the outstanding support of Pediatric Treatment Services. In this way patients, families, staff and doctors will be made aware of the Semiahmoo Rotary Club and their partner Sponsors’ support, while experiencing the impact of our philanthropy first-hand.